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  • Human Physical Traits: n/a
  • In-Form Physical Traits: n/a
  • Abilities:
    • Strengths: Meta-Being, access to the void, immune to all diseases and illness
    • Weaknesses: controlled by whoever owns their soul, cannot have children
  • Notes: n/a
  • About: Demons were once human, or some kind of non-Meta. Demons cannot be born, nor can they pro-create, they can only be made by angels or other demons by taking possession of a creature's soul before their death. A soul cannot be taken, it must be given, so demons and angels cannot simply go around taking souls away from living creatures at will. Many demons and fallen angels will instead offer deals in return for the ownership of one's soul. Souls are not always collected immediately, but sometimes they are, depending upon the deal made. Once a human without a soul has died, they are taken to Hell, generally, and warped into a demon. Most demons loose their sense of self and their grips on reality and have to be put down, but some who sold their souls for selfless reasons tend to have an easier time maintaining their sanity.