Immortal Human

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  • Human Physical Traits: n/a
  • In-Form Physical Traits: n/a
  • Abilities:
    • Strengths: reasoning, pack mentality, accelerated lifespan in former years, increased lifespan, slightly elevated healing abilities
    • Weaknesses: physically weak compared to magical beings, low to no magic
  • Notes:  the increased lifespan of an immortal human is generally determined by their bloodline at a 25/50/25 probability. this means that if your father's life span is 400 and your mother's is 200, you have a 25% chance of having your father's lifespan, 400 years, a 50% chance to have a life span that is a mid point between mother and father, in this case 300 years, and a 25% chance to have your mother's life span of 200.
  • About: Immortal humans are physically indistinguishable from mortal humans, except in the length of their life spans, which are generally at least double that of a mortal human. Immortal humans are the product of centuries and centuries of unions between supernatural creatures and mortal humans.