Rodney Murdoch

A typical grandfather, Rodney seems to adopt all of his staff and students as his own, no matter their age or disposition. He just has that way about him. The first time you meet him when you reach to shake his hand he'll likely pull you into a good hug and pat you strongly on the back, and call you "son" or "sweetie." His students know his door is always open to those who need someone to talk to, something many actually will take him up on. Sometimes you'll find him just sitting on the porch of his cottage in a chair with a pipe between his lips and you know that you're more than welcome to take a seat beside him and tell him about your day. 

He's a tinkering kind of man and loves to help the engineering students plan things out and the like and if something broken he won't rest until it's fixed, even if it's nearly two in the morning. He's not good with a lot of new technology, like the new computers and touch screens or the more technical things, but loves mechanics. His hearing has grown worse with his old age, though many would argue it's not hearing loss, but selective hearing. He's the kind of man you want to have think well of you and make him proud and despite the hard time he has getting around lately, he still stands tall, reminiscent of his strong personality and presence. 

Rodney was born to a vampire coven in Las Vegas, but later moved to Chicago, where he met and married another vampire by the name of Dahlia. He originally took a job working as a mythology professor at the University of Chicago. When the immortals were outed in the reveal, Rodney was one of the few who announced to his students who and what he was. Unfortunately the university was not pleased and he was laid off, but was then hired by the local police department as a consultant on the supernatural. 

After retiring from the hectic job at the police department, Rodney found work teaching history at the supernatural school, Strongwind Academy. He worked there for just under a hundred years, when Dahlia died. After a grieving period, the previous headmaster stepped down to retire, and the position was offered to Rodney. Needing something to take his mind off of his loss, he accepted and has been the headmaster ever since and greatly enjoys his position and looks forward to his grandchildren and great-grandchildren attending the Academy.