Ross Blackhall

Ross is of a tall stature, and looks almost the same as he did the day he made his deal with the demon, the only difference is the additional scars he now carries, many but not all hidden by his clothes. His grey eyes often appear blue and his hair has that look like he's just rolled out of bed, unless he gels it back. Ross prefers more formal attire, but that isn't to say he won't dress down if he can't be bothered to find proper clothes. 

Ross isn't the normal sort of demon. Most demons sell their souls for money, power, material things. Ross has a hard time fully remembering exactly why he sold his soul, but he knows it was something to do with his sister. So, he didn't exactly become a totally corrupted psychotic demon that is the norm of his breed. Oh he has problems, a plethora of them, but never being a truly "bad" person the side of him that was more "demonic" in a sense, he's locked away. At this point it's basically just a second personality within him. Besides that, he's dealt with a lot of things in his life, even since becoming a demon. He's lost everyone he's ever grown close to, so he's initially standoffish with people, but turns into a father/uncle type figure to most of the students in his care. 

His soul is currently owned by Jay Gardner, the head of the Gardner-Harper clan, a family of powerful witches and wizards. He generally keeps watch over them, the young witches and wizards always seeming to tangle themselves in endless amounts of trouble. He came to teach at the Academy when Jay ordered him to fill the position. After the sudden death of the history professor, the headmaster called in to ask Jay to take the position. And Jay sent Ross. After all, Ross had been around a long time, and he'd been helping as a certified nanny for the past two centuries.