The Owls House

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Their home similar in fashion to their neighbors, the Eagles and the Ravens, the Owls decorate their outside with just a touch more blue. Blue hammocks are set up during the less harsh months and sometimes beautiful chalk murals on the sidewalks from the more creative members of the house, often portraying owls of all shapes and sizes. Inside, it's not nearly as busy as their neighbors. Each room is clean and spacious, filled with wide open spaces and open windows for clean air, gentle blue wallpaper covering the hallways tastefully. Like the other dorms, there are three floors. On the first floor is the Head of the House's quarters, which contains a bedroom and small living room and kitchen area, as well as their own private bathroom. This floor also contains the main common room, a quiet study, a kitchen and laundry room and a few bedrooms for nonbinary students, or handicap students who require a bedroom on the first floor. There is also a set of bathrooms and shower area for the students. The second and third floor are identical in appearance with a layout of girls' dormitories on the left, and boys to the right. And the end of each hall is a bathroom and washroom for the students. Each of these floors also has a few tables and couched, and a small laundry area in the main hall that connects the dormitories.