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  • Human Physical Traits: Retractable fangs/ enlarged canines and bicuspids
  • In-Form Physical Traits: n/a
  • Abilities:
    • Strengths: speed, agility, accelerated healing, increased lifespan, acute senses (particularly smell), potential to survive on blood alone
    • Weaknesses: physically weak compared to most other supernaturals,
  • Notes: while vampires can potentially survive on blood alone, they can also sustain themselves on human food and there is a market around buying bagged blood recently, and 'hunting' is not nearly as common. some vampires fall back on and believe the myth that blood is required and that it's necessary to kill your prey, though both ideas are false.
  • About: Vampires are a variation of immortal human with several special abilities that set them apart as a group. Vampires have increased senses, and while they are not allergic to the sun, as myth led to believe, they often enjoy the night hours as often the sun and other factors can easily become overwhelming. Blood is not a requirement of a vampire's diet, as they can sustain themselves perfectly well off of food and drink, but it can be used to replace a human's normal diet and nutrition intake, especially in harsh situations. As vampires grow older, there is a tendency for them to lean towards blood diets simply because they require little thought or planning or effort to consume, as within the last century bagged blood has become a commodity. Vampires can be born or made, either by being naturally conceived by a parent who is a vampire or carried vampirism in their genes, or by being given the blood of a vampire and consuming it until it overtakes one's own blood. Like immortals, vampires have age ranges depending on either their genetics, or, like some shifters, the person who turned them.